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Dog Poop Bags Biodegradable – Amazon’s Best Compostable Pet Waste Bags Updated

Online retailer Pogi’s Pet Supplies is updating its range of eco-friendly pet products to include plant-based dog poop bags. The product is strong, leakproof, plastic-free and 100% compostable. The collection includes poop bag holders and dispensers in addition to their best-selling training pads and wipes.

Conscientious dog owners often wonder what’s worse: removing their dog’s waste by introducing more waste, or allowing nature to undergo decomposition in hopes the process will be swift, subtle, and undisturbed by errant footing. With the recent expansion of their line of pet products to include plant-based, compostable dog poop bags, online retailer Pogi’s Pet Supplies is helping dog owners worry less about what they don’t do so they’ll feel better about what they do do.

More information is available at https://pogis.com/collections/poop-bags

The team at Pogi’s Pet Supplies is committed to making the planet healthier by sourcing high-quality, sustainable materials that help responsible dog owners carry out their duty. The company’s newly announced line of eco-friendly dog poop bags includes a standard sac-style option, as well as an extra-large Grab-and-Go option for yard-wide drop-offs that require substantial volume.

Pogi’s plant-based dog poop bags are plastic-free, fragrance-free, and guaranteed compostable by a variety of independent certification bodies that include DIN CERTCO and BPI. The product also complies with the ASTM D6400 compostable methods that ensure polymers and other substrates are aerobically broken down in municipal or industrial facilities without producing toxins.

Number one in number two, Pogi’s compostable dog poop bags are strong, leak-proof, and easy to separate for quick and convenient pick-ups. Designed to fit the company’s poop bag dispenser, each roll is easily encapsulated to prevent unexpected unspooling, allowing dog owners to keep track of the accessories while the pups prioritize their business.

A recent customer says, “Compostable, durable, and easy to carry. Love the fast delivery and the fact the bags are compostable. You get a lot of bags for a great price. I definitely recommend Pogi’s compostable poop bags. Works well for a 76 lb dog. Five stars.”

With the addition of plant-based, compostable dog poop bags to their line of responsible pet products, Pogi’s Pet Supplies is helping today’s conscientious consumers manage their dog’s relationship with their environment in an eco-friendly manner that keeps it clean from end to end.

Visit https://pogis.com to find out more.

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