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Gargi launches her NFT Digital Art Collection through OpenSea providing an ability to buy online

Gargi has been painting and selling her oil paintings till now. For the first time, she is launching them as digital art in NFT form through the OpenSea.io platform, providing you with the ability to own them without physical proximity to her.

Gargi has been painting on trees since her early childhood. She has sold her oil paintings back in India.

She considers herself lucky to have learnt painting from some expert painters. She has a special passion for abstract art and has also done a lot of commercial art. She has done some fine art but does not associate well with it. Art is her tool for self-expression and can connect with abstract art at a spiritual level.

Some of her digital NFT artwork is showcased at her art website.

She has been thinking about reaching her connoisseurs remotely, but the online world is fraught with problems as the artwork’s image can be easily swindled. With the advent of NFT as a medium for digital art, this problem is resolved. She has therefore embraced it with both hands. NFT will ensure that the buyer of the NFT will be the rightful owner and can prove ownership through blockchain. Besides, the buyer will also have all the attributes like the painter’s name, the chain of custody, sale price, etc., recorded at every step of the way. This will lend a historical trace and would provide meaningful archival value.

Visit https://OpenSea.io to see her full collection of NFT. She has named her collection RHODODENDRON, but due to the popularity of the name has been given a tag version 3 with the name. Go to her collection to view all her NFT artwork and purchase them.

Contact Info:
Name: Gargi Roy
Email: Send Email
Organization: Rhododendron
Website: https://rhododendron.justawordaway.com

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW62hF8SAGU

Source URL: https://marketersmedia.com/gargi-launches-her-nft-digital-art-collection-through-opensea-providing-an-ability-to-buy-online/89001603

Source: MarketersMedia

Release ID: 89001603


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