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Ryleigh Klimenko, M3 Coaches, Sponsors Financial Mindset Summit

April 27th-28th event showcases M3 Coaches and 22 Speakers from around the globe delivering financial guidance to unlock financial freedom

Today, M3 Coaches announced that they will be presenting The Money Meets Mindset Summit from March 27th – March 28th. The Money Meets Mindset Summit is ideal for people who want to have a deeper understanding of attracting money and financial abundance.

Produced by Ryleigh Klimenko, CEO and Founder of M3 Coaches, who is also known as “RK,” the live streaming event will feature some of the most successful authors, mindset experts, and financial strategy expert from around the world. These mindset superstars will participate in a two-day event about financial freedom. They will share their knowledge and offer help in developing plans for the future. Speakers will share their insights into ownership of the financial process and clarify the steps to financial planning, the intersection of mindset, and ultimately, freedom.

“I founded M3 Coaches to help Millennials like myself and all entrepreneurs develop healthy financial habits,” Klimenko explained. “My talent is teaching money-building strategies in an easy-to-understand method, to establish long-term wealth. If your goal is to live a life that you really aspire to, then you have come to the right place.”
Klimenko added, “I have personally paid off $117,000 in consumer debt in only 18 months, and it was transformational. Now my mission is to help others learn the strategies that I am using. It is possible for anyone to free themselves from debt. Climbing out of financial pressures took a laser focus, teamwork, and a positive mindset. This attitude helped me change my life to seek a deeper level of understanding.”

According to Klimenko, people do not talk about this enough. In fact, in many families, rich or poor, talking about money can be a family taboo. Very few schools teach financial literacy, and it is time for those of us who have the knowledge to share information, take away the fear and come away without any more preconceived notions of economic insecurity. When it comes to their money, people want empowerment and peace of mind, but don’t know where to start. “I will help you realize your potential because everyone has the possibility of financial freedom. You have the right to be the author of your own fate,” Klimenko shared.

The Summit features Ehab Medhat, Tedx Speaker and Coach; Andy Storch, Bestselling author of Own Your Career, Own Your Life; Catherine Sanderson, Bestselling author of Why We Act; Faraaz Ali Bestselling author of Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit; and Leisa Peterson, CEO of Wealth Clinic & Best Selling Author of Mindful Millionaire; among many others. Some of the key topics covered will be how you can harness the power of your mindset to create abundance.

In addition to producing the Summit, Klimenko is launching a new venture called “The Masterclass,” developed for entrepreneurs and anyone aspiring to become one. The program consists of six months of financial education, business sales strategy, and personalized coaching lead by RK and special guest money experts sharing their perspectives. Participants will create strategic wealth-building goals, learn about ‘holistic finances’, and understand the concept of financial accountability.

For more information go to www.M3Coaches.com or https://moneymeetsmindset.com

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